TJEP FS40 Cordless Stapler

Posted by Mike Schwarz on 9/29/2016 to Wire Fence News
TJEP FS40 Cordless Stapler
The new TJEP FS40 fence and ground wire stapler is now available! This is exciting news because the entry point for gas powered staplers has been greatly reduced.
The FS40 is a 10 1/2 gauge stapler like the Stock-Ade 315i or the Fasco tools, but the cost is considerably less for a high quality machine. Like all the 315 series of tools listed, the staples are interchangeable.

Pro Tool Review

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Fence Stapler Comparison

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Fence Stapler Comparison
Freeman, Powermate, and Iron Horse. Have you seen these tools? They are invading the Home Depot website, Amazon, and Google shopping. Don't you think it's amazing that we went from one solid industrial stapler sold in the US (Stock-Ade), to four copycats in just one year? I'm not even counting Fasco since that's a 315 pneumatic.
Here is the low down on the three 9 gauge staplers above...

Divergent Tipped

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Divergent Tipped
"Your fence is only as good as the staples that hold it up." I'm not sure who came up with that, but it has the same type of meaning as, "your chain is as strong as your weakest link," which everyone is familiar with.
Funny thing is, there may be more fence on our land than chains, however

Ground Wires

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While stapling wire mesh to pressure treated pine is the most typical use of the pneumatic Stock-Ade staplers, the Impulse stapler has received most of its fame from the electrical linemen. The 315i is a step ahead of the two models it replaces.
The ST250 and 200S are excellent impulse (gas canister) powered staplers.

Freeman Staples

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This is a tough post to write. Stock-Ade staplers are by far the best in the fence business and built for every day use, are rugged and dependable and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. They use staples made specifically for their staple guns by Stock-Ade.
So, what to do when a cheaper copycat comes along? I don't want to burst people's bubbles by telling them that their imitation fence stapler probably won't be functional next year, but


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We are having a promotion and you can save some money before Christmas! Place an order for at least four cartons of Stock-Ade staples or any cordless gas powered or pneumatic fence staple guns, and apply the coupon code "Take50" to get $50 off your order!
The offer runs through the end of January and is for online retail orders only!

How Many Staples

Posted by Mike Schwarz on 12/2/2015 to Wire Fence News
How Many Staples

A number of factors determine the quantity of staples needed to complete a job properly. The length of the fence line, the type of fence, distance between posts, the number of supports & corners, and whether you have an additional line of barbed wire on top of your wire mesh.

As a rule of thumb; There are 5,280 feet in a mile and the most common distance between posts is 8 feet, giving you 660 posts per mile.

The First Post

Posted by Mike on 11/9/2015 to Wire Fence News
After little thought, I couldn't help but use a pun as the title to the first blog 'article' for the livestock fencing world. Actually, a lot has been written about livestock fencing so that will not really be my topic. This blog will be looking at wire fencing and all that has to do with it. We will explore an industry that has not changed much in the past 100 years, to some real advancements in the last 10. We will examine the companies that supply fencing products and a peek into what they are doing for the fence consumer as well as various silliness that comes with the territory.