After little thought, I couldn't help but use a pun as the title to the first blog 'article' for the livestock fencing world. Actually, a lot has been written about livestock fencing so that will not really be my topic. This blog will be looking at wire fencing and all that has to do with it. We will explore an industry that has not changed much in the past 100 years, to some real advancements in the last 10. We will examine the companies that supply fencing products and a peek into what they are doing for the fence consumer as well as various silliness that comes with the territory.
You will get to read interviews with fence magicians and angry people with black and blue thumbs. We will try to overcome the obstacles that fencers face in all the differing types of terrain that need to be fenced. We will even look overseas to observe what our friends in Europe and down-under are doing.
Since I'm a small business guy and have to stay on the move, I can only hope to provide timely content in this blog. If you don't see a post in a while, make sure to let me know.
Hope you enjoy reading these...