TJEP FS40 Cordless Stapler
The new TJEP FS40 fence and ground wire stapler is now available! This is exciting news because the entry point for gas powered staplers has been greatly reduced.
The FS40 is a 10 1/2 gauge stapler like the Stock-Ade 315i or the Fasco tools, but the cost is considerably less for a high quality machine. Like all the 315 series of tools listed, the staples are interchangeable.
Another feature of the TJEP model is that the staple depth adjustment can be made without an Allan wrench . Just rotate the textured wheel above the stapler nose and set the depth. One drawback I see is that the nose is attached with Allen bolts so clearing jams could take a little longer, but you don't have to worry about a thumb release being a weak point when trying to release the front plate for cleaning. Looks like some give and take on the features, but those seem mighty small compared to the $500 price difference.
The stapler is solid and drives the 40mm (1 1/2") Stock-Ade staples with power and authority. It uses the Paslode Red Fuel #816000 where the ST315i uses the orange #816008. It comes with two batteries and normal tool accessories. Gas is sold separately.
This stapler is definitely worth checking out and likely to become a very popular model.

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