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1 1/4" 10.5 Gauge staples
1 1/4" 10.5 Gauge staples

TJEP 10.5 Gauge 1 1/4" Staples

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1 1/4" Staples for 10.5 Gauge Staplers
Part Number: 841988
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TJEP FS-40 staples 1 1/4" (33 mm)
The heavy-duty staples are hot-dip galvanized (HDG) and treated with a special long-life coating, ensuring maximum corrosion protection and, thus, maximum tool life. The special design of the staples with divergent D-tips ensures great holding power, far superior to manual staples.
Will fit all 10.5 gauge staplers including TJEP FS40, StockAde ST315 and the ST315i, and the Fasco pneumatic. 

Finally, the 1 1/4" staple is back! Perfect for fastening wire to plank without the staple poking through the other side!

(Note - all manufacturers suggest using their own staples in their staplers)

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