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ST400 pneumatic fence stapler
ST400 pneumatic fence stapler

StockAde Pneumatic 9 Gauge Fence Stapler

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StockAde ST400 Pneumatic 9 gauge fence stapler
Part Number: ST400
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: 9 gauge staples
Feature: 2" maximum staple size
Feature: 90psi to 120psi
Feature: Can fire 3 staples per second
Feature: USDA Rural Development Approved
The Stock-Ade ST400 is a pneumatic powered stapler. This tool drives 1-1/2 inch, 1 3-/4 inch & 2 inch barbed staples. The ST400 is designed for high volume fence construction and removes the labor out of manually stapling a fence. Built to last in tough conditions.

  • Powerful Pneumatic (90 to 120 psi operating range depending on hardness of wood)
  • Drives Sock-Ade Hot Dipped  9 gauge Class 3 Galvanized Staples
  • Sequential Trigger System
  • Adjustable Air Deflector
  • Staple wire angle guide
  • Easy adjustment of staple depth
  • Rural Farm and Ranch Wire Fencing
  • Mesh and Chain Link Fencing
  • Deer Fencing and other high tensile wire applications
  • Utility pole copper ground wire installation
  • Industrial cable and wire packaging
  • Cable & wire channeling

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