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StockAde Staple Mate Fence Pliers
StockAde Staple Mate Fence Pliers

Staple Mate Staple Puller

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Staple Mate hand tool for tearing down fence
Part Number: A12506
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The StockAde Staple Mate is the best tool for pulling staples that has been invented. Forged steel with a curved face that allows you to exert pressure from up and down movements, plus two steel buttons allow you to apply pressure to the side if necessary. The beak keeps a grip on your staple so it does not go flying into your pasture. The tool also has a powerful cutter and wire puller. It's the only thing you need to bring down that old fence.

The Staple Mate can pull freshly driven staples out of any hard wood, including oaks, locust and hedge apple (bodock, Osage Orange).