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ST315i cordless wire fence staple gun
ST315i cordless wire fence staple gun

ST315i StockAde Impulse Stapler

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StockAde Impulse ST315i gas operated cordless staple driver
Part Number: ST315i
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: 10 1/2 gauge staples
Feature: 1 1/2" staple length (40mm)
Feature: Stock-Ade fuel cell provides the force needed to drive the staples
Feature: Only a second between fully charged trigger pulls
Feature: USDA Rural Development Approved
StockAde cordless internal gas operated stapler! Capable of driving 10 gauge staples into fence posts or utility poles. Excellent for those jobs where a hose just can't go. The ST315i is capable of driving 10 gauge staples into pine, cedar, or the hardest of hardwoods. Excellent on old Hedge and Locust posts.

  • Cordless - enhancing freedom of movement
  • Ready to use, no set up or compressor required
  • Modified for fencing
  • Depth adjustment for proper wire gripping without over-driving
  • Next generation stapler replaces the ST250 and 200S.


  • Rural Farm and Ranch Wire Fencing
  • Mesh and Chain Link Fencing
  • Deer Fencing and other high tensile wire applications
  • Horticulture
  • Utility pole copper ground wire installation
  • Wire & cable packaging or channeling

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