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Fuel Cell for ST315i
Fuel Cell for ST315i

ST315i Fuel Cell

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Fuel cell for Stock-Ade ST315i stapler
Part Number: A12900
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Stock-Ade ST315i Fuel Cells
Designed for use in Stock-Ade Impulse Staplers.
Improved fuel metering for greater tool performance.
Patented fuel cell for longer life.
Approximately 1,200 shots per cell.
"Best Used Before" date stamped on base of fuel cell.
21 month shelf life.
Contains lubrication which assists tool and reduces servicing.

Size: 7 1/2" x 1 1/4"
0.21 lbs. each

Propellant: Liquid Hydrocarbon
Fuel cell storage temperature: between 41 F and 77 F
Flash point: 226 F

Use only with Stock-Ade Impulse Staplers
Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 120F
Do not expose to naked flame
Do not pierce the fuel cell
Dispose of fuel cell thoughtfully
Keep fuel cell away from children
Always treat fuel cell as full
Do not attempt to refill fuel cell

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