How Many Staples

A number of factors determine the quantity of staples needed to complete a job properly. The length of the fence line, the type of fence, distance between posts, the number of supports & corners, and whether you have an additional line of barbed wire on top of your wire mesh.

As a rule of thumb; There are 5,280 feet in a mile and the most common distance between posts is 8 feet, giving you 660 posts per mile. Now factor in the type of fence you are putting up. Is it welded wire, woven, or five strands? Multiply the number of posts you need by the number of staples required per post based on your fence type. Double staple the supports.

In our plain vanilla example above, 660 x 5 (staples per post) = 3,300 + 50 (two at the supports) = 3,350 staples per mile. Please know that your situation will vary and it is always wise to have more than you estimate you will need. The staple guns by Stock-Ade reduce waste and keep a clean fence line.

We get orders to overnight staples to rural areas so contractors can finish jobs on time. This is an expensive way to resupply! A little pre-planning goes a long way to keeping costs down. How many fence staples do you need?

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