While stapling wire mesh to pressure treated pine is the most typical use of the pneumatic Stock-Ade staplers, the Impulse stapler has received most of its fame from the electrical linemen. The 315i is a step ahead of the two models it replaces.
The ST250 and 200S are excellent impulse (gas canister) powered staplers. They drive 12 gauge staples into just about anything and have no equal as far as staple size and being a tool for remote applications. These were the first major staplers by Stock-Ade (Paslode) to make it into the linemen's hands and they loved them.
The ease of shooting staples into a 20 foot pole versus hammering them in was obvious. Even over pneumatic drivers of larger staple gauges (ie. the Stock-Ade ST315). Not being tethered to a 100lbs air compressor while 20ft above the ground is much more freeing. Safety aside, it's less weight and one less obstacle to deal with. The staplers became very popular and remain so, but now the 315 impulse is set to take their place.

The 315i drives 10 gauge staples. Ten and a half gauge if you're measuring, but they are class 3 galvanized, divergent tipped, and the longest size measures 40mm or 1 9/16 (the carton says 1 1/2"). Even the 33mm size is a step up from the 12 gauge 1 3/8" staples. The 315i drives these staples deeper and they are much more difficult to remove for those wishing to thieve the copper.
The gas that powers the tool is available at most hardware stores so refueling is never an issue. The stapler comes with two batteries and a dual charger that allow for a full eight hours of staple driving before needing a recharge. There is no other cordless staple driver like it.

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