Fence Stapler Comparison
Freeman, Powermate, and Iron Horse. Have you seen these tools? They are invading the Home Depot website, Amazon, and Google shopping. Don't you think it's amazing that we went from one solid industrial stapler sold in the US (Stock-Ade), to four copycats in just one year? I'm not even counting Fasco since that's a 315 pneumatic.
Here is the low down on the three 9 gauge staplers above...
They are the same, exactly the same except for color and logo. Made by the same company that allows you to put your own logo on their product as long as you order 500 of them. This manufacturer also makes the staples, but does not produce them on a consistent basis since these tools and related staples are not a major part of their business. (I guess this is why so many of the owner of the above tools come to me for staples.)

If you are looking at purchasing a set of wrenches, sockets, a chain saw, or trimmer, do you look for the cheapest one available? I know I used to shop this way (even though my wife always recommended I get better quality) and 9 times out of 10 I got burned. There was a time I bought the cheapest 3/4" socket I could find as a replacement and stripped it the first time I used it on a stubborn bolt. There were also the times I bought the least expensive refurb chainsaw, laptop, & lawn mower and didn't get out of them what I wanted.
Over time and over too much wasted money, I finally buy quality and now do not end up regretting the purchase. Sometimes you can get away with cheap if that is all you need, but for a livestock fence? Your time? Their 6 month warranty versus our year long warranty tells you most of what you need to know right off the bat.
Obviously I am biased on this subject, however that does not mean I'm wrong.

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