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Fence Crossing Tool
Fence Crossing Tool

Fence Devil No Climb Fence Tool

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Fence Devil seperates rows of barbed wire for easy access through fence
Part Number: FDFS100
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The Fence Devil No Climb Fence Access Tool, allows users to move freely between the strands of barbed or high tensile fence wire. Perfect to help reduce the risk of abrasion and moving equipment through the fence row. Is also perfect when repeated trips through a fence are required. Excellent safety tool for utility linemen, road workers, hunters (always unload firearms before crossing any fence), and anyone else needing a safer method for crossing barbed wire fencing.

  • Protects clothes, gear, uniforms, camouflage, etc.
  • Protects skin from abrasions or worse,
  • Folds for easy storage.
  • Does not damage the fence.
  • Powder coated heavy duty steal.
  • Professional tool.
  • Made in America.

"Fence Devil" is a registered trademark of Tamar Outdoors.

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