Divergent Tipped
"Your fence is only as good as the staples that hold it up." I'm not sure who came up with that, but it has the same type of meaning as, "your chain is as strong as your weakest link," which everyone is familiar with.
Funny thing is, there may be more fence on our land than chains, however the science of staples is usually an afterthought for most fencers and ranchers. They spend time working out the fence budget by adding up the cost of posts, rolls of wire, the cost of driving the posts, labor and time in unwinding, tightening and stapling. Plus a few extra dollars for incidentals. That's where the staples get thrown in, yet it's the staples that you DON'T want to be the weak link in your fence.
If a post or two cracks or rots early, it's easy enough to replace it. If your wire tears that too can be mended. You can even kick a slacker of your crew, but what about those staples? Did you consider what they were made out of? Where were they made? What is their reputation for holding fast, corrosion and rust resistance? Or is all you know is that they were the cheapest that could be found?
We are all aware that we get what we pay for. We also are well aware that we don't want to pay more than we have to. This is logic. This becomes wisdom when we apply it to our life.
Finding the cheapest materials and cheapest labor will get you the cheapest fence. Would you buy that from someone offering it? We will put up the cheapest fence at the cheapest price!? That does not keep my cattle in.
Before I go any deeper down that road, I want to point out the extraordinary quality of Stock-Ade brand staples. They have a group of engineers who actually study, research, and develop a better staple. They make them with a bezinal 2000 coating which is a very special zinc/aluminum compound that provides the best corrosion resistance available. After 2,000 hours of salt spray, every competitors staples was rusted and some where in pieces. The Stock-Ade staples barely had any corrosion.
Look at the picture. This is what divergent tipped staples do when they are driven in. We had to dig this one out because just pulling them out forces the legs to follow the same path they came in through. These staples hold.

It is time to place a line in your fence budget for staples. Make the money you are spending on your fence go for the best materials and you will have the best fence. Get yourself an ST400 and some cartons of Stock-Ade staples and take the labor and the worry out of your fence project.

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