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A12701 Stock-Ade 1 3/8" staples for the 200S
A12701 Stock-Ade 1 3/8" staples for the 200S

1 3/8" 200S Staple 1800/box

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StockAde 1 3/8" galvanized staple for ST250 or 200S
Part Number: A12701
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Feature: 1 3/8" Smooth Staple
Feature: 12 Gauge (2.5mm diameter)
Feature: Divergent tips
Feature: Galvanized
Feature: 1,800 staples per carton
StockAde/Paslode 1 3/8" Impulse Fence Batten 200S Galvanized Smooth Staples

  • Divergent Point
    • Staple legs spread as they are driven into timber for enhanced holding power
  • Resin Tipped
    • Easy to drive with resin adhesive for increased holding power
  • 12 Gauge Wire
    • Professional grade fencing staple
  • 1 3/8" Staple designed in New Zealand for rural batten and wire mesh fencing
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized
    • High carbon content
    • Enhanced tensile strength for driving reliability
  • Designed for use with Paslode 200S or ST250
Product CodeDescription
Impulse 35mm x 2.5mm HD galvanized fence batten staple. 1800 per carton.

Pallet order quantity: 180 cartons (If you wish to order a pallet, enter quantity of 180)
Pallet size: 28" x 30.7"
Pallet weight: 1,590lbs of product
Pallets will be shipped by commercial freight forwarder.

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