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ST400i Staples and Fuel Cells
ST400i Staples and Fuel Cells

1 3/4" ST400i Barbed Staples 1000+2 Fuel/Carton

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StockAde 1 3/4" class 3 galvanized barbed staple for the ST400i with fuel
Part Number: SS4i45
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: 1 3/4" Barbed Staple
Feature: 9 Gauge (4mm diameter)
Feature: Divergent tips
Feature: Galvanized
Feature: 1,000 staples per carton
StockAde 1 3/4" Class 3 Galvanized Barbed Staples for the ST400i with 2 Fuel Cells
"Your Fence is only as good as the staples you put it up with." So get the best high quality staples because the investment you make in your fence should last.
  • Shaped Crown
    • Grips the fence wire for improved holding power
  • Divergent Point
    • Staple legs spread as they are driven into timber for enhanced holding power
  • 9 Gauge Wire
    • Professional grade fencing staple
    • Suitable for use on the toughest fence posts
  • 1 3/4" barbed designed for wire mesh and fixed knot mesh fencing as well as strainer post stapling
  • Genuine STOCK-ade Paper Collation
    • Superior collation strength
    • Reduced tool contamination
    • Moisture resistant adhesive formula for improved all weather performance
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized (Class 3 Wire)
    • Extreme durability for long life
    • Manufactured from Bezinal 2000 240gm high life pre-galvanized wire
  • Designed for use with STOCK-ade ST-400i
Product CodeDescription
STOCK-Ade 45mm x 4.0mm HD galvanized DP barbed fencing staple. 1000 + 2 fuel per carton.


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